Traveling in My Mind

I’m  gone. So sorry, but I’m not really here.

I’m off in a land of make-believe; a land that may have very little to do with reality as we know it. My nose is leaving sticky prints on the glass of the world created by the author of the book I’m currently reading.

Whether the place is populated by blue-skinned aliens, Egyptian goddesses, or plain old folk from Texas; this world has been built detail by detail to enchant me.

How I love to be enchanted!

How I strive to enchant in return. Whether my setting is the urban Toronto of my Painted Ladies series or the fictitious small town of my Clarence Bay series, I seek details that will capture my reader’s imagination.

The crunch of biscotti and the bitter taste of espresso seat a reader at the bistro table with Caterina, my Italian heroine. The scents of sun on pine trees and rain-soaked earth take a reader for a walk in the woods with Ryan, my small-town hero.

Other than a description of setting, a turn of phrase evokes a time and place. You wouldn’t expect Regency cant to come from the mouth of a cowboy or to occupy his thoughts. Unless, he was a time traveler. Hmm, is there a story in there?

At the moment, I’m traveling in eighteenth-century London with a nobleman just returned from the New World.

Where are you and who are you with?

© Joan Leacott 2011