The H in my DH

In preparation for the Christmas rush of visitors to our humble home, I spent hours and hours in the kitchen; devising menus, finding recipes, doing advance prep when possible. More hours were spent cleaning said humble home. And still more in decking the halls inside and out.

You get the hair-frazzling frenzy.

Through it all, I had unflagging assistance with the scheming, cleaning, and decorating from my dear husband (DH).

That’s right, He of the Lost Recipe, knows how to help in more ways than creative filing.

Well, he’s not that handy around the stove. But everywhere else, he was elbow-deep in holiday preparations. The man can wield a vacuum cleaner with the best of them. Not to mention a snow shovel. Or, bliss, a body massager.

So now all the guests have come and gone; fed, watered, and gifted. I sit at the table with my book and my mid-morning coffee before me.  Blessed peace reigns over the sunny day.

The DH thanks me for all the hard work I’ve done to make another wonderful holiday. Just as he leans over to follow his lovely words with a kiss, the birds in the yard break into mad song.

“Listen to that,” says the DH, his brown eyes twinkling. “The birds want to kiss you, too.”

Sometimes, the H in DH stands for more than husband.

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7 Comments on “The H in my DH

  1. Any man who can wield a body massager is worth keeping. Still looking for a DH of my own (I think). But glad the holidays are over – got a bit familied out. I’ve spent the last couple of nights with a cozy mystery and loving every minute of it.


  2. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful man. Joan, make sure he reads your post. May I borrow your words? I went through the same, received a lot of help from my DH, and now all my guests are gone and we are appreciating our peaceful togetherness.


    • Mona, you can borrow almost anything I own. The DH blushed when he read it. Said it redeemed him after the Lost Recipe incident. Hugs to your DH.


  3. The “H” in my DH fluctuated this year. No, wait. It was the D that did the happy/slug him/ignore him dance.

    I’m with you, tho. SO glad the holidays are over. Peace. Quiet. Belly fat cells crying NO MORE SUGAR!

    Jumping into planning for the New Year. 2012 will rock! So glad I found your blog through Sherry Isaac.