Roller Coaster Writer

Get an idea for your next book from an everyday event that you really look at for the first time.

Read a craft book. Figure out why your last scene sucked.

Write 2k words on your Work-in-Progress in one day.

Plan out the next scene to write tomorrow.

Send out  five queries. Get one form rejection within the hour.

Read a blog and write a great comment. Get an appreciative response from the blogger.

Write another 2k words.

Go to a chapter meeting. Afterwards, go for drinks and chat with other writers.

Get a critique from your most trusted partner saying she hates your heroine.

Judge a dismal contest entry, then spend hours trying to be nice.

Get another form rejection.

Write 12k words in three days. Battle with a family member over time spent at the computer.

Get a request for partial. Reply promptly.  Wait, wait, wait, and wait some more. And give up.

Celebrate a friend’s sale. Hope her good luck will rub off.

Get a request for a full. Reply promptly. Get a form rejection within three days.

Write a blog and get more comments than ever before.

Get a phone call from your favorite agent. Cross fingers, toes, and bra straps for this dream to come true.

Who needs a roller coaster when you’re a writer?

© Joan Leacott 2012x-posted at Voices from the Heart


  1. Not a fan of roller-coasters, but I love carousels, and Joan’s “schedule” sounds like a not-so-merry-go-round, too. As Gina says, focus on the positive! Great writing, and tell whoever it was who wanted the computer that The Muse trumps everything. And apparently your Muse was on a roll. Fingers crossed that the call from your favorite agent is a dream come true!


  2. Joan, this post makes me chuckle, almost reads like a To-Do list, because all of that rejection and criticism is part of the everyday routine. Item One: must be rejected at least once this week! Roller Coaster? Oh, yeah. There are days I want to shout, “Stop this ride, I want to get off!”

    But then the coaster slows and pulls into the station and I stay on for another gut-lurching round on the loop-de-loop.


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