Roller Coaster Writer

Get an idea for your next book from an everyday event that you really look at for the first time.

Read a craft book. Figure out why your last scene sucked.

Write 2k words on your Work-in-Progress in one day.

Plan out the next scene to write tomorrow.

Send out  five queries. Get one form rejection within the hour.

Read a blog and write a great comment. Get an appreciative response from the blogger.

Write another 2k words.

Go to a chapter meeting. Afterwards, go for drinks and chat with other writers.

Get a critique from your most trusted partner saying she hates your heroine.

Judge a dismal contest entry, then spend hours trying to be nice.

Get another form rejection.

Write 12k words in three days. Battle with a family member over time spent at the computer.

Get a request for partial. Reply promptly.  Wait, wait, wait, and wait some more. And give up.

Celebrate a friend’s sale. Hope her good luck will rub off.

Get a request for a full. Reply promptly. Get a form rejection within three days.

Write a blog and get more comments than ever before.

Get a phone call from your favorite agent. Cross fingers, toes, and bra straps for this dream to come true.

Who needs a roller coaster when you’re a writer?

© Joan Leacott 2012x-posted at Voices from the Heart

18 Comments on “Roller Coaster Writer

    • Scary how much we put up with, isn’t it? Would you call that sucker for punishment or just the biz? Good to see you Louise.


  1. Ha! So true. It is really like being stuck on a permantent roller coaster, isn’t it, and you’re just dying to get off with a big smile on your face.


  2. Not a fan of roller-coasters, but I love carousels, and Joan’s “schedule” sounds like a not-so-merry-go-round, too. As Gina says, focus on the positive! Great writing, and tell whoever it was who wanted the computer that The Muse trumps everything. And apparently your Muse was on a roll. Fingers crossed that the call from your favorite agent is a dream come true!


  3. Hi Joan, I thought you were writing what I should do. LOL I’m glad it was getting good at the end. Love that “favorite agent’s call”.


  4. Joan, this post makes me chuckle, almost reads like a To-Do list, because all of that rejection and criticism is part of the everyday routine. Item One: must be rejected at least once this week! Roller Coaster? Oh, yeah. There are days I want to shout, “Stop this ride, I want to get off!”

    But then the coaster slows and pulls into the station and I stay on for another gut-lurching round on the loop-de-loop.


    • I’m glad it worked for you, Sherry. There’s a fatal attraction at work here. We just can’t stay away. Thanks for stopping by.