Shots in the Laneway

Deep in the heart of my city, strange things happen…

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© Joan Leacott 2012

8 Comments on “Shots in the Laneway

    • And make other people happy into the bargain. I love watching people stop to appreciate the flowers in our front yard, and kids climbing on the rocks. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I would NOT have a problem getting my daily cardio if I lived near this laneway.

    After I become a pal of the guard at the entry.

    Running back and forth past these views would be an adventure. Based on the depth I see in pictures eleven and twelve, I might even achieve resistance training by running into those doors hoping to escape into their depths.

    What a mega wonderful way to dress up the laneway.

    Thanks for sharing pics from your world to “Northern-up” mine.


    • Laneways are usually utilitarian places, so the artwork was a cool surprise. The colours are still hanging on, so I’ll be doing some more shooting for next week’s post.


  2. too cute. We have a street of older homes in calgary, each of which is painted and decorated in beautiful colors. Each one tells a tale. thanks for sharing this alley. (Bet you never thought you’d hear that from me.)


    • Ah, Painted Ladies. Isn’t that what they call those grand old Victorians? When writing this post, I had a debate about which word to use, laneway or alley. I went when what we call them. Sharing an alley–should we wrestle for a spot?