The Other Colours of Fall

We all know the brilliant reds and yellows of the fall season. Just as we all know flashy people.

But what about the less flamboyant sorts? The quiet people, like the colours in my slides, have a beauty all their own.

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© Joan Leacott 2012

18 Comments on “The Other Colours of Fall

  1. Lovely photographs, Joan! Autumn is my favorite season. My husband and I often take hikes and look for colors of the season change too. Soon it’ll be a bit bleak, but there are lots of treasure to be found even in the winter months.


    • Thank you, Sharon. I’m looking forward to some frosty and snowy shots. But if this winter is anything like last winter, I’ll get nuthin’.


    • Thanks, Jessica. I’m glad you like them. I had fun putting the show together. Now Sandy has blown every leaf off every tree and the pics are all have left of a lovely day. Until next year.


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    • I took them all on Friday, before the weather turned messy. It took me 60 shots to get these few. Eventually, I’ll get more efficient. But I had a great walk!