Cover for Above Scandal by Joan Leacott

I am SO excited. I’m jumping up and down and showing all my friends.

I got the cover for my soon-to-be-released debut romance novel Above Scandal. That’s it over there on the right.

Isn’t it beautiful?

With recommendations from Deborah Cooke and Mary Buckham, I contacted Kim Killion to design the cover.  Kim and her staff at The Killion Group were so patient with newbie me. I have a print-out of the cover on the wall in front of my computer. Every time I look at it, I sigh with delight.


Also on Team Leacott  😀  is The Romantic Editor, Kristin Anders. She has a real talent for spotting tricky passages and suggesting the perfect fix. She truly “gets” the romance genre and me as a writer. I’m so glad I found Kristin.


Above Scandal is the first in a series of full-length contemporary romances  set in Clarence Bay on the rugged shores of Georgian Bay, Canada. That’s the real bay behind Cathy and Ryan on my cover. I spend my summers there, cottaging and boating near the real town that inspired the home town of my heart.


Secrets and Scandals

Three generations of Rossetti women are hoarding secrets.

Cathy Rossetti’s secret is Hayley, an outspoken ten-year-old who’s about to meet her family for the first time. Sadly, it’s taken a terminal illness to bring Cathy back to her hometown.

The elder generation of Rossetti women guards a thirty-year old secret with the power to rock Cathy’s world. Will her mother take their secret to her grave, or will her aunt break her punishing vow of silence?

Hayley hates secrets, so she’s sleuthing around Clarence Bay looking for her daddy. Is it her new BFF’s father or mayoral candidate Ryan Chisholm or Ryan’s handsome campaign manager?

Ryan has a secret, too. He’s still in love with Cathy, his high-school sweetheart. For a man running his election campaign on a platform of honesty, this could cause problems. Will dumping his popular fiancée cost him the election? And if Cathy still loves him after eleven years’ absence, she’s not telling.

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The neighbours promise to keep your secrets.

I can’t wait. I’m so excited. SQUEEEE! Sigh.  😀

To visit Clarence Bay, meet some of the neighbours, and read Ryan’s take on his home town, pop over to my Clarence Bay pages.

© Joan Leacott,2013 

32 Comments on “Revealed!

  1. What a lovely cover Joan. The bay is beautiful so can’t blame you a bit for spending every minute you can there. Also sounds like you have a great group supporting Team Joan. Way to go ~~Emmly Jane


    • So far, so good. The photo on the Visit Clarence Bay page is from my cottage window. I love it up there. Thank you for stopping, EmmlyJane! See you on GIAM.


    • Hi Helen! How wonderful to see you. My release date scheduled for June 25th, provided the gods agree. 🙂 Do remember the rocks in the bay?


  2. Great choice with Kim, she always does a fantastic job. I love your cover! Very clear as a thumbnail and it stands out. I’d be staring at it too!


    • Big happy sigh. Kim and her staff were very patient with my questions that started with “I’ve never done this before….” Thanks for stopping by. Sigh. 😀


    • Ah, Mona. Many hugs for your long support on this project. And your awesome suggestion for the secret. Shh! First round edits with Kristin are underway. Release date is scheduled for June 25th, provided the tech gods are on my side.


    • Hey Kelsey. Good to see you. How goes the organizing? If everything happens the way I planned (ha ha), the release date is June 25th. Fingers, toes, and bra straps crossed.


  3. I pictured myself in your place. [Heavy sigh,]

    Congratulation, Joan!

    You earned every I-can’t-believe-it’s-happening-for-me sigh of delight. The series sounds complex, intriguing, and who doesn’t love generations worth of secrets kept — some revealed in the first release, and others (I assume) held back to force us to hound you mercilessly for the next and the next in the series.

    Can’t wait to follow your success story.


    • Oh, Gloria, there are lots of secrets prowling the streets of Clarence Bay just waiting to pounce on her unsuspecting citizens. 😉 And I don’t believe in romance being reserved for the young.


  4. Congratulations Joan! Wonderful news! I can understand how excited you must be.


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    • Thank you Kristin. Now we just have to make the (90) thousand words live up to it’s picture. 🙂 Edits are underway.


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