Come Blog With Me

I’m blogging with Jessica Aspen today for Moonday Mania. Leave a comment and enter my contest to win a print copy of my debut novel ABOVE SCANDAL.  

You Want It Hard, eh?

Hard Copy, that is.  Or “printed matter” as Canada Post calls it. Whatever you call it, I have it. My debut novel ABOVE SCANDAL is now available in print. Whee! So why did I bother? I’ve been told… Read More

My First Author Interview

Click on over and catch my very first author interview with the lovely Susan L. Barr.   photo by Kittisak via

photo of porcupine by Mary Harssh via Wikimedia Commons

Prickly, ain’t cha?

A porcupine wandered by the screen porch while enjoying my morning coffee at the cottage. Porcupines are funny-looking critters. Their long stiff quills are a light sandy colour and lay fairly smooth along his back. On the top… Read More

Need a Break? Come With Me…

It’s early morning and the house is stuffy from windows closed against the threat of rain. Breakfast is done. Bring your coffee, or tea, and come with me. Leave your slippers behind. It’s barefoot season after all. Come… Read More

Involving a Library with No Books

I want to share this funny podcast with all of my American friends celebrating Independence Day. Canadians will get a chuckle out of it, too. It’s from Stuart McLean on the CBC Radio at The Vinyl Cafe. The podcast download… Read More

I’m on The List!

No, not THAT list. 🙂 This list: USA TODAY New Releases List for July 2, 2013

Celebrating Firsts

It’s been a long time coming. Learning curves have been steep enough to toss me on my back. Family crises have intervened. Distractions abounded. But I made it! YAY! Massive hugs to all the amazing people who helped… Read More

We Have a Launch!

I’m so excited, and exhausted, and EXCITED! My debut novel, ABOVE SCANDAL, is now available for sale at these fine retailers! Champagne anyone?


I am SO excited. I’m jumping up and down and showing all my friends. I got the cover for my soon-to-be-released debut romance novel Above Scandal. That’s it over there on the right. Isn’t it beautiful? With recommendations… Read More

Cloak of Invisibility

My father has recently moved to a long-term care facility. He’s 85 and suffering from a nasty collection of age-related problems. I visit him on Thursday mornings and, weather permitting, we go for a spin around the neighbourhood…. Read More

The 3,000 Year Old Woman

Once upon a time, three thousand years ago, a girl child was born. She grew to maturity in the same way her friends did. For some magical mystical reason, she never died. As she grew older and older,… Read More