My Next Big Thing

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Break. Did you know that 2013 will be the Chinese Year of the Water Snake? Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house means your family will… Read More

How do I love thee…

Let me count the raise. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My yeast can reach… Did you guess from my mangled paraphrasing of Elizabeth Barrett Browning‘s poem that I love bread? Yes, earlier, I confessed… Read More

Listen to Your Gut

One day, my mother-in-law decided to go to the bank. Her gut told her, “No, don’t go today. Go tomorrow.” She scoffed at her fears. What harm could come to a little old lady on a beautiful sunny… Read More

I Confess

There are things out there. They call to me from crowded spaces. They take over my private places. They multiply without care. Oh no! They’re coming! Help me! Save me! Um, yeah, well. Okay. I confess. I have a sort… Read More

Sleight of Mind

Writers find ideas in a lot of different places; the shower, the cafe, a wine glass. Many ideas pop up in the middle of some mundane chore or oft-repeated task. Why does this happen? I believe it’s “sleight… Read More

The Other Colours of Fall

We all know the brilliant reds and yellows of the fall season. Just as we all know flashy people. But what about the less flamboyant sorts? The quiet people, like the colours in my slides, have a beauty… Read More

Shots in the Laneway

Deep in the heart of my city, strange things happen… © Joan Leacott 2012

Do I Know You?

On September 23rd, I volunteered to man the Toronto Romance Writers booth at the Word on the Street Festival  in downtown Toronto. A good crowd turned out despite the flirtatious weather, all sunny one minute and spitting rain the… Read More

Great Reads for a Great Cause!

A group of writers have written two volumes of short stories (one adult, one young adult) in support of the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in the Ozark Mountains near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Their mandate is to provide lifetime refuge for abandoned,… Read More

Through my Goggles

Underwater is a green and golden world. Quiet but for the muted sound of a motor boat cruising the channel between the mainland and the inner islands. Fat-bodied fish flick into the shadows. Water weeds wave in the… Read More

Writing Course in Toronto

Eve Silver‘s books are awesome, so she knows what she’s talking about! Course: Writing Popular Fiction Instructor: Eve Silver Where: University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, St. George Campus When: Tuesday October 2 – Tuesday November 27,… Read More

Dancing Deer

I’m sitting at my computer at the cottage, minding my own business. Thunk! My head snaps up. Has a bird smacked into the big window in the stairwell? No. But it’s amazing how many of the feathered folk recover… Read More