Prickly, ain’t cha?

photo of porcupine by Mary Harssh via Wikimedia Commons

photo of porcupine by Mary Harssh via Wikimedia CommonsA porcupine wandered by the screen porch while enjoying my morning coffee at the cottage.

Porcupines are funny-looking critters. Their long stiff quills are a light sandy colour and lay fairly smooth along his back. On the top of his square head, though, they make an awesome Mohawk.

I expected a squat fellow, but his legs are quite long. His profile is more bear-ish than beaver-ish.

He moves at a leisurely pace, as would any creature carrying around spiky armour.  Did you know that a porcupine can’t actually throw it’s barbed quills? They’re released on contact with a mortal enemy. Did you know there are Old World and New World porcupines? Huh.

All I know is: when I tried to take his picture, he raised his quills and I quickly backed off. This dude could teach Hollywood a thing or two about avoiding the paparazzi.

For more information about my visitor, check out the all-knowing Wikipedia.
Photo © Mary Harrsh via Wikimedia Commons, 2011