Prickly, ain’t cha?

photo of porcupine by Mary Harssh via Wikimedia CommonsA porcupine wandered by the screen porch while Mr. Leacott (formerly known as the DH) and I enjoyed our morning coffee at the cottage.

Porcupines are funny-looking critters. Their long stiff quills are a light sandy colour and lay fairly smooth along his back. On the top of his square head, though, they make an awesome Mohawk.

I expected a squat fellow, but his legs are quite long. His profile is more bear-ish than beaver-ish.

He moves at a leisurely pace, as would any creature carrying around spiky armour.  Did you know that a porcupine can’t actually throw it’s barbed quills? They’re released on contact with a mortal enemy. Did you know there are Old World and New World porcupines? Huh.

All I know is: when I tried to take his picture, he raised his quills and I quickly backed off. This dude could teach Hollywood a thing or two about avoiding the paparazzi.

For more information about my visitor, check out the all-knowing Wikipedia.
Photo © Mary Harrsh via Wikimedia Commons, 2011
Text © Joan Leacott, 2013