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Clarence Bay Chronicles

Above Scandal

Instant family: just add daughter.

Three generations of Rossetti women are hoarding secrets.

Cathy Rossetti’s secret is Hayley, her outspoken ten-year-old daughter, who’s about to meet her family for the first time.

The elder generation of Rossetti women guards a thirty-year old secret with the power to rock Cathy’s world. Will her mother take their secret to her grave, or will her aunt break her punishing vow of silence?

Hayley hates secrets, so she’s sleuthing around Clarence Bay looking for her daddy. Is it her new BFF’s father or mayoral candidate Ryan Chisholm or Ryan’s handsome campaign manager?

Ryan has a secret, too. He’s still in love with Cathy, his high-school sweetheart. For a man running his election campaign on a platform of honesty, this could cause problems. Will dumping his popular fiancée cost him the election?

And if Cathy still loves him after eleven years’ absence, she’s not telling.

Released June 25, 2013
ISBN ebook: 978-0-9920028-1-7
ISBN print book: 978-0-9920028-0-0

Sight for Sore Eyes

Love isn’t blind; it’s just nearsighted.

How many stick and stones can one woman survive?
Emma Finn once dreamed of being a photographer, capturing exotic landscapes and poignant vistas. Then a series of tragedies tore her life apart. All she craves now is stability—reliable, boring, safe.

How many bumps and bruises can one man take?

Ophthalmologist Asher Stockdale left big city life when his ex-wife took his young son away. When he met Emma, he pictured her as the centre of his new life in Clarence Bay. So why is he encouraging her to resurrect her old dream and go gallivanting around the globe? Dare he ask her to stay?

How many roadblocks can one romance encounter and still cherish the love?

If Emma goes to India, will she be able to heal, or will she regret her choice? Carpenter ants, a rescued Pirate, and a pair of scheming seniors help Emma and Asher to see what really lies before their eyes.

Released February 10, 2014
ISBN ebook: 978-0-9920028-4-8
ISBN print book: 978-0-9920028-5-5

NEXT UP! Stormy Wedding

Four days before the wedding, the power goes out


A college grad wants to prove herself in the family flower shop. She owes a lot more than the perfect bridal bouquet to her beloved cousin. When a massive power failure turns her bouquet into an arrangement only a zombie bride could love, she calls her childhood best friend to help her out. But when did he get so sexy?

Three days before the wedding, the highway is closed…


Classical and jazz being very different beasts, the loyal pianist asks for help from a stranded jazz quintet leader. But their past is a discord that could leave the reception silent.


Two days before the wedding, the pipes burst

With the fancy wedding caterer in a ditch, a local chef, who owes everything to the bride, is preparing the feast until a burst pipe destroys his plans. Unexpected help comes from the beautiful stranded traveller who steals his heart at first kiss. But she won’t be staying forever.

One day before the wedding, a baby is born…


In the middle of a blizzard, a pregnant dressmaker stitches the final adjustments to her friend’s wedding dress when she goes into labour. Her estranged husband, a lineman out in the storm, gets a powerful feeling that his wife needs him NOW. Will he get him back in time to save his wife, his baby, his marriage?

The wedding day is HERE, and home is frozen over


When an ice storm paralyzes the town, a bride is pressured by her mother to postpone her wedding for a second time. But an unannounced delivery in eight months’ time makes that impossible. The groom bands together with her friends to strive to create the most loving, if not quite the most perfect, wedding ever.

Stand-alone Short Stories

Tollkeeper’s Daughter

A timeless love solves a very cold case.

Hannah McCegue, a museum guide at the historical Tollkeeper’s Cottage, has always wondered if she was connected to the first tollkeeper of 1861. On a busy holiday weekend, she discovers a letter connected to… the end of a legend, the solution to a puzzle, an old love, a new love?

Released July 2021
ISBN ebook: 978-0-9920028-9-3

Second Chance Dress

Even a wedding dress deserves a second chance.

I am a Wedding Dress. My Bride and I await our grand entrance. The music swells. It’s going to be the happiest day of our lives…. Well, everyone deserves a second chance, even a Wedding Dress.