Why is Vlad the Baker in a Sex Scene?

So I’m reading my romance novel and things are starting to heat up… wink, wink… you know what I mean. And then two words jump up and throw me way out of my happy place. Impale You’ve heard… Read More

Please Try This Position At Home

So I’m deep into my romance novel; the spunky hero, the tortured heroine (can you tell I like to mess with expectations?) are wonderful. And then… oh my, he does something that aggravates me every time I read… Read More

Texture of Accomplishment

In early August, my laptop turned into a beast. It chewed through time like I chew through licorice whips. Snap, munch, yum, next hour, please. It’s not like I was perfecting the craft of procrastination. Honest. I was… Read More

Snakes Need Safety, Too

I was out for a walk along the shores of beautiful Georgian Bay and came across this poor creature. The massasauga rattler is a threatened species. It’s kind enough to tell you when you’re too close. Just back… Read More

I’m a Featured Author at Night Owl Reviews

Find out my favourite ways to procrastinate. Valentine’s Day Interview at Night Owl Reviews

New Release: Sight for Sore Eyes

Announcing the release of the second book in the Clarence Bay Chronicles. Love isn’t blind; it’s just near-sighted. Emma Finn once dreamed of being a photographer, capturing exotic landscapes and poignant vistas. Then a series of tragedies tore… Read More

Technical Writing vs Creative Writing

What are the differences and similarities? Are they a hindrance or help to each other? For insight into the topic, check out this article by Andrea J. Wenger to which I have proudly contributed.

An Interview with Jessica Aspen

Please welcome Jessica Aspen back to my place. She’s dropped by to answer a few questions about herself and to give us another sneak peak of The Dark Huntsman. Last time, we met Trina and her Gift. This… Read More

The Dark Huntsman: Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Please join me in a chorus of “ooo, ahhh” for this gorgeous cover. It belongs my friend Jessica Aspen. The Dark Huntsman is Book one in the fantasy series Tales of the Black Court. To celebrate the upcoming release, Jessica is… Read More

Hat Trick!

Three appearances to report today! My second time on the USA TODAY HAPPY EVER AFTER blog where I reveal my three favourite no-excuses-needed desserts! YUM! Book of the Day at TrindieBooks.com Author interview with the lovely Jo-Ann Carson where I… Read More

Five Star Review for ABOVE SCANDAL!

“I absolutely loved Above Scandal! For those of you that are wondering what small town life is like – just read this book (hah!). Seriously though. Having grown up in a small town myself, I can appreciate the… Read More

Cathy, meet Lauren…

It’s been a summer of firsts for me; first book release, first review, first author interview. Now I’m thrilled to introduce my first Guest Blogger, Lynn Cahoon. Lynn and I have introduced the heroines of our latest novels to… Read More