Second Chance Dress

Second Chance Dress

I am a Wedding Dress. My Bride and I await our grand entrance. The music swells. It’s going to be the happiest day of our lives…. Well, everyone deserves a second chance, even a Wedding Dress.

Gina Storm Grant said: Cleverly written from the POV of the wedding dress. I was in tears and then in cheers! Only a few pages long but it’s a “Big” story, to quote Donald Maass.


I am a Wedding Dress.

The pinnacle, the apogee if you will, of the span of a woman’s life. I symbolize the transformation of a woman from single to married, from an ordinary Miss to a beloved Mrs. I am worn with hope and the anticipation of a rosy future, secure in the knowledge that proclaims this woman to be loved and desired by that man.

But, I am no ordinary, run-of-the-mill, wedding dress. I am not one of those puff-sleeved jejeune things that attempts to disguise a young woman as a fairy-tale princess.

No no.

I inform the world that here walks a woman grown. A sophisticated woman who strides with confidence through her life. She’s had her knocks but stands strong, chin high, ready for anything and everything.

The label I bear announces my creation in one of the exclusive ateliers along that divine Parisian rue. Bespoke for one very particular lady of exquisitely refined taste.

I am made of the finest materials available. An underskirt of satin glimmers through gossamer chiffon and whispers along the floor. The finest Belgian lace lays over a boned satin bodice and the creamy skin of the bride’s shoulders and arms like a lover’s breath. Pearls gleam upon my lace roses like morning’s dew.

I fit my bride like a glove. Ah such lovely breasts, such luscious hips.

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