Birds are Weird

There are some truly weird feathered critters living in the woods around my cottage. Strange variants of normal birds that make me scratch my head and say “What the heck…?”

 The Canpecker

Downy woodpeckers usually bang away at trees looking for insects to munch on. This variant took a strange liking to an empty can; lid removed, and inverted on top of a fence post. Haven’t a clue why the can is there. Early every morning, this bird bangs away at the open edge of the can. The resulting racket is heard for miles over the lake and through the woods and deep inside my sleepy head. GRR!

The Platepecker

Pileated woodpeckers also favour insects burrowed into wood as their normal diet. But this one dude finds a flat metal plate on the hydro pole out back. He bangs on the edge of this plate creating another almighty racket. Then the dude cocks his head, listens and laughs. Honestly, I’m glad somebody’s having a good time.

The Flagpecker

My husband has a red baseball cap with a small Canadian flag stitched on the back. This intrepid creature assumed the red maple leaf was the throat of a white flower and, you guessed it, pecked my husband’s head. Fortunately, it was a tiny little ruby-throated hummingbird and not a big plate-pecker with a heavy-duty beak that went after him. Would that make him a pate-pecker?

What bizarre creatures have you seen around you?

Text © Joan Leacott 2012
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  1. This makes me laugh! 😀 We watch the critters here, too, in the cove doing things that make us laugh. Sometimes the little red squirrels will come to the window and look in if the feeder is out of food, as if to say “Um, excuse me, where’s our seeds?” 😀


      • Yep, rose-breasted and evening. Haven’t seen one lately, but I’ve got them ticked on my life list. I’m a bit of birder, you see. My favourite is the black-capped chickadee, and the gray catbird–it meows–really–a short hello kind of meow. Like I said…birds are way weird. I’m talking southern Ontario, Canada in the bowl between the Great Lakes and the Ottawa River–huge territory–lots of birds.


      • I love the chickadee, too … so many I love — the nuthatch is interesting, as well — it comes to the feeder, takes one seed, flies off, eats it, comes back, takes one seed, flies off, eats it -repeat. Most all the other birds/critters sit at the feeders to eat. 😀


      • Absolutely, no complaints allowed about anywhere in our big beautiful country. IIRC, we had a picnic on the shores of that reservoir while waiting for a flight. Banff is gorgeous, and Lake Louise. I’ve got treasured photos from my visit there. Loved the magpies, and the ravens among the hoodoos.


  2. “Then the dude cocks his head, listens and laughs. Honestly, I’m glad somebody’s having a good time.” LOL! So enjoyed this post today. 😛 You definitely have an unusual music band forming in your neck of the woods (very glad they’re yours and not mine. hee)


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