Dancing Deer

photo of young buck

Look very closely behind his left ear, to see an antler.

I’m sitting at my computer at the cottage, minding my own business.


My head snaps up. Has a bird smacked into the big window in the stairwell? No. But it’s amazing how many of the feathered folk recover from the impact.

Thunk, rustle, rustle.

What the heck…?

Oooh… it’s a deer. A four-point buck with his antlers still in velvet is munching on the sumac by my front door. My, what big ears he has. And eyelashes to make a model weep.

The next day, I’m sitting at the breakfast table, minding my own business.


My head snaps up. Are the terns catching extra big fish?

Splash, splish, sploosh, splish, splash.

Ooh… It’s a deer. A little one dancing and skipping back and forth on the beach. He appears to delight in the different noises he generates, like he’s making music with the water. Mama Deer is back in the bush, munching and keeping a close eye on her youngster.

I remember watching my young son at play, totally engrossed in a world of his own creation, complete with sound effects. Dinosaur farm in space, anyone?

As a writer, I love to play in a world built in my imagination. Clarence Bay is an amalgam of several small Ontario towns, set on the shores of Georgian Bay, complete with gossip,  scandal, and romance. Oh yeah! I love my world and wish I could live there for real.

If you’re writer, what’s your world like? Would you like to live there? Or just visit.

If you’re a reader, which world would you like to move to? For me, I’d move to Robyn Carr’s Virgin River in a heartbeat.

© Joan Leacott 2012

14 Comments on “Dancing Deer

  1. Ahh, yes, I have a fairyland world in my imagination, a forest with no bugs, warm but not hot, creatures all getting along, pixies flitting from branch to branch, and sun-dappled leaves spotlighting a leafy chair for me to sit in and read.


  2. I’m in my little log house in my little cove among the Great Smoky Mountains and I never want to live anywhere else! 😀

    I love the photo and descriptions here *smiling*


    • Cove? Have you got water nearby? I couldn’t see it in your wonderful photos. Don’t blame you one bit for being happy where you are. My son took the photo with his phone. We managed to creep up until we were about 10′ away from the buck. We watched him for about 20 minutes until a car scared him away.


      • We have a rushing burbling creek in front of our little log house -actually, right across the road but it’s a narrow private road, and we are up high enough to see it when the leaves are gone. We always hear it, especially after a rain. That’s close to come to a buck!


      • Your place sounds achingly lovely. I love the shushing of waves on the beach at night. Oddly enough, the buck was in the forest on the other side of “rushing burbling creek”, so I guess he felt safe.


    • I promised my sister, she could come, too. So that makes three of us. Who are you favorite characters, other than Jack and Mel?


  3. I can picture the deer at your cottage. Hope you had a lovely summer there. I guess you’ll be heading home soon. Goodness knows where I live these days. The inside of my head is such a muddle, I don’t know where I am or what I’m doing half the time!


    • We’re home already as my piano lessons have started. I sympathize with muddle–so much laundry, so much unpacking–though a small price to pay to live in “Clarence Bay”.


  4. I’d live on Discworld, or in a Tardis, or get a job with Juris-Fiction. But I’d definitely visit you wherever you landed. I so enjoyed my week in “Clarence Bay” this summer.