Hat Trick!

"Number 3 Made Of Sunflower" by kangshutters via freedigitalphotos.net Three appearances to report today!

My second time on the USA TODAY HAPPY EVER AFTER blog where I reveal my three favourite no-excuses-needed desserts! YUM!

Book of the Day at TrindieBooks.com

Author interview with the lovely Jo-Ann Carson where I talk about the three people I’d spend the day with if I were Queen of the Universe.

What person, place, and thing do wish you had with you right now? 

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Five Star Review for ABOVE SCANDAL!

“I absolutely loved Above Scandal! For those of you that are wondering what small town life is like – just read this book (hah!). Seriously though. Having grown up in a small town myself, I can appreciate the skill that it takes to keep a secret…well…secret. And even if it’s the tiniest secret in the world, the gossip troupes have a way of figuring it out and turning it into the biggest talk of the town! So you can only imagine what happens when something big really does hit a small town.”    ~ Jessi

. . . .


Romance: great character connection and tension. A couple of steamy scenes.
Character development: *****
Plot progression: *****

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You Want It Hard, eh?

Joan and ASHard Copy, that is.  Or “printed matter” as Canada Post calls it. Whatever you call it, I have it.

My debut novel ABOVE SCANDAL is now available in print. Whee!

So why did I bother?

I’ve been told that the print version won’t sell many copies. Doesn’t matter. Some of my friends really want printed books, so I went to the trouble of doing it.

It’s a good thing the upload was free, because Word gave me a massive PITA to get everything formatted correctly. I can now call myself an expert on section breaks. Oh, joy.

The other reason I wanted print versions is to have something to SIGN.

Just like a “real” author.

Please, my e-pubbed friends, don’t make nasty in the comments. You know what I mean. Sit at a table, smile at a reader, chat with her, and sign my book.

Connect with my readers. Face to face, smile to smile.

In October this year, I’ll be presenting my workshop, Word Styles for Fiction Writers, at NJRW’s Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. Part of the conference is an open-to-the-public Literacy Book Fair and Author Signing. If you’re in the neighbourhood, come on in. Buy a book, get a smile, support literacy.

To celebrate the release, I’m giving away one free PRINT copy shipped to the winner’s real live mailbox via Amazon. Click on my Rafflecopter giveaway and sign up for my newsletter for your chance to WIN a print copy of ABOVE SCANDAL. Click on the other options for additional points to increase your chances.

Fingers, toes, and bra straps crossed for you!

© Joan Leacott, 2013
photo courtesy of Gina Grant