An Inherited Condition

It’s November 1951. Tove, a young Danish farm girl is hanging laundry in a snapping summer breeze. The sound of horse harness and wagon wheels carries across the field from the road. The handsome young man driving the wagon catches her eye. “That’s The One,” she says. She meets Magnus a few days later at a social gathering and confirms her condition—Love at First Sight.

But, Magnus is scheduled to board ship and emigrate to Canada. Romantic letters floating back and forth across the Atlantic encourage his lovely Tove to join him in building a new life in a new land. Because they’re unmarried, they must live in separate towns at least six miles apart. If the distance of an ocean can’t stop their love, a mere six miles is no obstacle. They marry on November 1st, 1952. They now have five children, eight grandchildren, and have celebrated fifty-five years of marriage—an impressive heritage.

Fast forward to July 1975. Joan, another young girl, is working as a store clerk in the fabric section of Simpson’s department store. She’s heard the story of her parents’ meeting and dreams of the same for herself. A young man walks past her. He’s got dark hair, dark eyes, broad shoulders, and a great butt. He walks like he owns the world. “That’s The One,” she says. Five years later, they married and are still going strong.

The young Danish couple is my mom and dad. The young Canadian couple is myself and my husband.

My mom passed away three years ago on Boxing Day. Apart from inheriting Love at First Sight from Mom, I’m told I’ve inherited her smile and her gift for caring. Who could ask for a better legacy?

What good thing have you inherited from your parents?

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