Why is Vlad the Baker in a Sex Scene?

So I’m reading my romance novel and things are starting to heat up… wink, wink… you know what I mean. And then two words jump up and throw me way out of my happy place. Impale You’ve heard… Read More

Celebrating Firsts

It’s been a long time coming. Learning curves have been steep enough to toss me on my back. Family crises have intervened. Distractions abounded. But I made it! YAY! Massive hugs to all the amazing people who helped… Read More

My Next Big Thing

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Break. Did you know that 2013 will be the Chinese Year of the Water Snake? Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house means your family will… Read More

Writing Course in Toronto

Eve Silver‘s books are awesome, so she knows what she’s talking about! Course: Writing Popular Fiction Instructor: Eve Silver Where: University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, St. George Campus When: Tuesday October 2 – Tuesday November 27,… Read More

Serving up Firefighters

A room full of women surround a catwalk. The fashion show is over. The women grow restless. Two Toronto firefighters strut out and flex their suspenders. Programs stir up a breeze. The auctioneer opens the bidding for the Food &… Read More

Writing Lesson in Music Class

As mentioned in my last post, I’m taking piano lessons. With five kids, my immigrant parents couldn’t afford them. Now that I have lots of time on my hands, I’m treating myself to something I’ve always wanted to… Read More

Plotting with Ripples and Waves

A recent post from Alicia Rasley at Edittorrent got me thinking about a theory I devised to explain  the impact of change in my life. I call it The Ripple Effect. The Little Version Visualize a pebble dropped in still water. Plip. Ripples… Read More

Goals-Biters or Boosters

While paging through the family album recently, I came across a photo of myself circa 1985 and wondered. What did I dream of, what were my goals? All during my working life, my goals were set by my… Read More

The D in my DH

Three dear friends are coming to stay next weekend. They’re bringing along their writerly muses for an extended brainstorming session. It’s going to be so much fun. Naturally, good food is also on the agenda. I have a… Read More

An Out-of-Head Experience

Sally and Tom are having a knock-down-drag-out battle of the sexes. Their repartee is blistering the air around them. Sexual tension seethes like a volcano, spewing steam and lava. Can you hear it? Oh yeah, the dialog’s easy… Read More

Antidote to Rejection

Rejection sucks more than the vacuum department of a Sears store! ~Bonnie Staring As happens more often than not in the publishing industry, I received a rejection for a manuscript. I huffed and puffed and blew around the… Read More

Quiet on the Set!

Let’s take the scene from the gal’s point of view. Action! She gave him a nice long hot going over, ending with his fine dark eyes. He glanced away, then back. Who me? Yes, you. I’m coming to… Read More