Antidote to Rejection

Rejection sucks more than the vacuum department of a Sears store!

~Bonnie Staring

As happens more often than not in the publishing industry, I received a rejection for a manuscript.

I huffed and puffed and blew around the house for a while. I whined to my ever-patient husband who read the email and pointed out all the nice things.

Then, for the first time, I reached out to my writing gals and pals. Notes dinged into my inbox and across my page offering cabana boys, chocolate, margaritas, and hugs. Empathy and encouragment filled the messages.

Little by little, I was cured of the rejection blues by the kind words of dear friends and cyber friends.

I’m back in the chair with my hands on the keyboard. My skin hasn’t been thickened by rejection, but strenghthened by friendship.

Thanks everybody!

© Joan Leacott 2011


  1. Writers are the best! I can’t even put into words the real connections I’ve made online. It’s wonderful that you have such support. We all need it 🙂

    PS – that cake looks divine!


  2. Hi Joan, what a sweet blog so full of strength. You are an inspiration. When you want to talk about it let me know. Did she give you any suggestions, any explanation about what she’d rather see changed? Hugs.


  3. I offered you hugs and Greek food!

    Can we take a look at your R letter tomorrow? I can’t imagine why anyone would reject your terrific book. When you’re ready, maybe you want to brainstorm around any of the changes you decide to make.

    More hugs,
    ~ Gina


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