Do I Know You?

On September 23rd, I volunteered to man the Toronto Romance Writers booth at the Word on the Street Festival  in downtown Toronto. A good crowd turned out despite the flirtatious weather, all sunny one minute and spitting rain the next.

My brainstorming and beta buddy Gina X Grant put in hours of work as volunteer wrangler, swag lady,  and booth boss. You can see her cool racks in the photo.

BTW, Gina recently won a three-book with Pocket Star of Simon & Schuster to publish her far-out funny Reluctant Reaper series. Ain’t it grand when your friends succeed?

When I showed up, Gina introduced me to another volunteer, Sherry Issac. And then the conversation went like this:

“What did you say your name was?” I asked.

“Sherry Issac.”

“Do I know you? Are you a member of TRW?”

“Yes. But, don’t think we’ve met.” She’s looking a little wigged out at this point.

But I’m persistent because her name means something to me. “Do you blog?”


“About ghosts and haunted hotels and stuff like that?”

Now she’s really spooked. 😉

“I’m Joan Leacott. One of your followers.”

“Are you her? I follow you, too!”

Squealy hugs were exchanged, and we shared some fun and laughter with the other volunteers. After a long chilly day, a bunch of new and old friends went for sushi and sake.

Have you ever “gone live” with a social media friend? How did it turn out?

© Joan Leacott 2012

10 Comments on “Do I Know You?

  1. Now how did I miss this post? Wigged out, spooked, or thrilled that someone out there recognizes my name??? WOOT! Joan, you warmed up a chilly September day. Now we can sit in the back row at meetings, pass notes and talk about boys, er, plots. Yeah, plots.


  2. Lol! That is so cool! I had a similar experience this weekend when I went to an RWA meeting. It’s so cool to meet the people behind the avatars!


  3. i’ve had a similar thing happen recently with a couple of bloggers who live in Calgary. too cool. it really is a small world and getting smaller.


    • Yet we are so surprised when this happens, as if our two worlds are colliding. I know that if ever I make out to Calgary again, I’ll ask your for a coffee date. 🙂


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