How do I love thee…

Let me count the raise. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My yeast can reach… Did you guess from my mangled paraphrasing of Elizabeth Barrett Browning‘s poem that I love bread? Yes, earlier, I confessed… Read More

I Confess

There are things out there. They call to me from crowded spaces. They take over my private places. They multiply without care. Oh no! They’re coming! Help me! Save me! Um, yeah, well. Okay. I confess. I have a sort… Read More

The Other Colours of Fall

We all know the brilliant reds and yellows of the fall season. Just as we all know flashy people. But what about the less flamboyant sorts? The quiet people, like the colours in my slides, have a beauty… Read More

Shots in the Laneway

Deep in the heart of my city, strange things happen… © Joan Leacott 2012

Do I Know You?

On September 23rd, I volunteered to man the Toronto Romance Writers booth at the Word on the Street Festival  in downtown Toronto. A good crowd turned out despite the flirtatious weather, all sunny one minute and spitting rain the… Read More