I Confess

There are things out there.

They call to me from crowded spaces.

They take over my private places.

They multiply without care.

Oh no! They’re coming! Help me! Save me!

Um, yeah, well.

Okay. I confess.

I have a sort of thing for kitchen gadgets. The DH would call it an obsession. It’s not that bad. I swear!

I recently succumbed to the dark urgings and went to the most awesome gadget store on the planet. If you’re looking for a food prep tool and they don’t have it, it probably doesn’t exist. The aisles are narrow. You have to sidle sideways past the other customers and staff. But, the shelves are stuffed full of goodies. You’ll find gadget heaven at Placewares in the St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto.

My most recent purchases were on offset spatula and #20 scoop. I have more whisks than you can shake a spatula at, pie weights, a butter curler, a melon baller, even a Microplane. All right—I have two and I want more.

But you know what the most awesome gadget is?

My apple peeler/corer/slicer—it does all three things at once. It brings a tear to my eye.

I own all these gadgets and more. But beware, I’m not afraid to use them.

Are there things out there calling to you?

9 Comments on “I Confess

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  2. Okay, what I secretly covet is the security code for your home alarm system.

    No reason. Really…

    I’ll simply fondle the gadgets and return them. Mostly.

    I have a yellow, hand-held lemon juicer. It is The Wonder tool for juicing lemons. And, It works wonders on limes, too. But, I want the official lime juicer. The green one that matches the limes. [Note to self: Start leaving pics of lime juicers around the house cleverly placed next to pics of Christmas stockings.]


    • I love the way you drop hints! So subtle. 😉 My reamer is wooden, good for all citrus fruits. I also have one of those old-fashioned glass reamer and dish combos. So much easier to clean than all those electric things. Hmm, other point to add to my definition of gadget–it must be manually operated.


  3. Joan –

    I don’t know if it qualifies as a gadget, but I recently bought a salad spinner, and I LOVE it. We’ve gotten a ton of greens through our CSA this fall and it makes washing and drying them so much easier!



    • Hmm, now I need to define a gadget. A way cool thing that does a single way cool trick to save lots of time. Salad spinner definitely qualifies. 😉


  4. I had an apple peeler/corer/slicer, once upon a time. Loved it, but so did number one son. He confiscated the peeler when he moved out, along with my chips and salsa bowl. I retrieved the salsa bowl, but , saucy, conniving lad that he is, he has hidden the peeler.


    • Now is when you say “Kid, you took the peeler. You owe me a pie. No, several pies. No, pies for the rest of my life.” 😀 Let me know what he says.