Snakes Need Safety, Too

HalfRattlerI was out for a walk along the shores of beautiful Georgian Bay and came across this poor creature.

The massasauga rattler is a threatened species. It’s kind enough to tell you when you’re too close. Just back away and leave it alone. Choose another direction for your walk. Don’t kill the snake. He deserves a peaceful home just like you.

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2 Comments on “Snakes Need Safety, Too

  1. That is so sad…and I’m not a keen snake person, but I do believe in letting them be and giving them a wide – no huge berth when I see one on a trail. I’m talking about harmless ones. Poisonous ones, I head back the way I came.


    • I’m a southpaw, too! I can’t say I’m totally fond of snakes either, but I’ve learned to live and let live. I used the protected habitat of this particular species as a plot point in one of my books.