Fodder Alert!

In my previous post, I chatted about my madness as a writer. I may, perhaps, have another writer’s flaw. My non-writing friends consider it far worse than voices that wake me in the night. After all, my characters don’t disturb their sleep.

Latest hunky hero says “Hey.”*

This flaw strikes anytime, anywhere. It favors inopportune moments; a sob-broken eulogy, a co-worker’s tale of woe, over crème caramel in a romantic restaurant. Something catches my writer’s fancy.

Suddenly, I’m scrounging for notepad and pencil. Really, a writer should come with a built-in version.

It happens so often, the Loving Husband coined a phrase for this special spasm of my mine: Fodder Alert.

I confess. I hang my head in shame. I apologize in advance and arrears. Not only am I a mad writer, I’m a scene spy.

Family, friends, acquaintances; all are surreptitiously propositioned for story ideas. But strangers are better. They never find out they been—OMG—used.

Before you all shun me, please know that the final result seldom mirrors the originating incident. My peculiar madness bends and twists the original beyond recognition. Innocent contributors are protected by a thick veil of privacy. I do, after all, want peaceable relations with my family and friends.

When and where do your Fodder Alerts sound? Which was your favorite?

*Ryan Chisholm, hero of Above Scandal (my romantic women’s fiction work-in-progress) informed me, “I am not idiot enough to use a little girl against her own mother”. He and Carter of The Painted Ladies must be gossiping behind my back.

© Joan Leacott 2011

6 Comments on “Fodder Alert!

  1. Somewhat upset? Maybe you should consider a recording device? Or leave a message on your phone–although that might get the same response. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Mine always seem to strike while I’m driving. Talk about an inopportune time. Though I do keep pen and paper handy in my car, my police officer husband gets somewhat…upset when I scribble at the wheel. By the time I get where I’m going, I’ve lost at least half the idea. Grrrr!


  3. HI Joan,
    website looks great! I never finished the class last week due to work. I truly sympathize with the inspirations striking at inopportune moments. Always am digging for that scrap of paper to scribble on. Fodder Alert! Creative hubby too!


    • Thank you Jessica. I’m pleased with the results. Cyndi and Gwen did a great job with the PRO class, didn’t they? It’s amazing how low a writer will go for a great idea.


  4. Lately, the inopportune moments (my dearest hubby calls them “spaz attacks”, as I jump and flail about wildly searching for ink and scrolls before settling on the smartphone that I’ve suddenly remembered is in my pocket with an almost dead battery but maybe, MAYBE, it has just enough to punch that really cool idea down) have been happening every single time I go out. Restaurants, visits to the cemetery (oh, that’s especially appropriate, let me tell you), the grocery store…and yes, I love every single one of them! 🙂 Congrats on the new site–it looks fantastic!