An Inherited Condition

It’s November 1951. Tove, a young Danish farm girl is hanging laundry in a snapping summer breeze. The sound of horse harness and wagon wheels carries across the field from the road. The handsome young man driving the… Read More

RWA-A Writer’s Wetsuit

My summer home is a cottage on the east coast of Georgian Bay. Weather permitting, I swim laps across our small bay for an hour. Before I hit the water, I don my wetsuit. That’s right, a wetsuit. Why… Read More

Traveling in My Mind

I’m  gone. So sorry, but I’m not really here. I’m off in a land of make-believe; a land that may have very little to do with reality as we know it. My nose is leaving sticky prints on the… Read More

Fodder Alert!

In my previous post, I chatted about my madness as a writer. I may, perhaps, have another writer’s flaw. My non-writing friends consider it far worse than voices that wake me in the night. After all, my characters… Read More

Am I Mad? Or am I a Writer?

The first time it happened was in the middle of the night. I woke from peaceful slumber, a deep masculine voice ringing in my ear. “You can’t make me do that! I’m no wuss!” Who was the dark-eyed,… Read More

Inaugural Post

Look at me! I have a blog with an embedded website. Or is the other way around. I have a website! And now for my Oscar moment… Many thanks to: Cynthia D’Alba and Gwen Hernandez taught an awesome workshop on the PRO-Class loop of Romance… Read More