Plotting with Ripples and Waves

A recent post from Alicia Rasley at Edittorrent got me thinking about a theory I devised to explain  the impact of change in my life. I call it The Ripple Effect. The Little Version Visualize a pebble dropped in still water. Plip. Ripples… Read More

Goals-Biters or Boosters

While paging through the family album recently, I came across a photo of myself circa 1985 and wondered. What did I dream of, what were my goals? All during my working life, my goals were set by my… Read More

The D in my DH

Three dear friends are coming to stay next weekend. They’re bringing along their writerly muses for an extended brainstorming session. It’s going to be so much fun. Naturally, good food is also on the agenda. I have a… Read More

An Out-of-Head Experience

Sally and Tom are having a knock-down-drag-out battle of the sexes. Their repartee is blistering the air around them. Sexual tension seethes like a volcano, spewing steam and lava. Can you hear it? Oh yeah, the dialog’s easy… Read More

Antidote to Rejection

Rejection sucks more than the vacuum department of a Sears store! ~Bonnie Staring As happens more often than not in the publishing industry, I received a rejection for a manuscript. I huffed and puffed and blew around the… Read More

Quiet on the Set!

Let’s take the scene from the gal’s point of view. Action! She gave him a nice long hot going over, ending with his fine dark eyes. He glanced away, then back. Who me? Yes, you. I’m coming to… Read More

An Inherited Condition

It’s November 1951. Tove, a young Danish farm girl is hanging laundry in a snapping summer breeze. The sound of horse harness and wagon wheels carries across the field from the road. The handsome young man driving the… Read More

RWA-A Writer’s Wetsuit

My summer home is a cottage on the east coast of Georgian Bay. Weather permitting, I swim laps across our small bay for an hour. Before I hit the water, I don my wetsuit. That’s right, a wetsuit. Why… Read More

Traveling in My Mind

I’m  gone. So sorry, but I’m not really here. I’m off in a land of make-believe; a land that may have very little to do with reality as we know it. My nose is leaving sticky prints on the… Read More

Fodder Alert!

In my previous post, I chatted about my madness as a writer. I may, perhaps, have another writer’s flaw. My non-writing friends consider it far worse than voices that wake me in the night. After all, my characters… Read More

Am I Mad? Or am I a Writer?

The first time it happened was in the middle of the night. I woke from peaceful slumber, a deep masculine voice ringing in my ear. “You can’t make me do that! I’m no wuss!” Who was the dark-eyed,… Read More

Inaugural Post

Look at me! I have a blog with an embedded website. Or is the other way around. I have a website! And now for my Oscar moment… Many thanks to: Cynthia D’Alba and Gwen Hernandez taught an awesome workshop on the PRO-Class loop of Romance… Read More